Hmmm... Christmas is will soon be here... 

The holiday mood should be here before we even realize it. I understand this isn't the best economic time we are at, but I guess we all could still be forking out a bit to present gifts to the family members. 

I consider myself fortunate since I'm still in a position to afford several gifts, though my budget has somewhat decrease over the years. 

However you know what? That's the trivial part. The harder part is in selecting the most appropriate gifts to your nearest and dearest. 

I know the possibilities are unlimited but here are 3 things that top my list this season. 

1. Apple iPad 
2. Personal Hand Blender (a Hamilton Beach would be excellent) 

3. Espresso machine with built-in grinder (a Keurig would be fantastic) 
There can be nothing more dull than that of the talk about of backpack to a lot of people. There is really nothing fallacious with this type of opinion and stereotypes. I do think there does exist a solid rationale for that. 

I always never forget when I was younger, whenever I needed to take home a new backpack, it means that the fabulous holiday is ending. Soon after I receive my backpack, it's going to be the starting of the horrendous school season. All of us have been through comparable circumstances and unless you are one who thought the classroom pleasurable, I figure out no reason how you possibly can think of good times when looking at backpack. 

But then things start to evolve as I get older. It is certainly not that I like to pay money for backpacks very frequently these days. But then every time I am finding a brand new backpack, it will always be for something different. What I always go after these days are largely stylish backpacks, that is to my liking. 

Yet do you know as to why would I require fashion backpacks for? If ever I have a need for a new backpack, it normally means that my semiannual long vacation break is approaching and it means a break from my deadening office days. Call me careless if you may, but I am simply atrocious at keeping my personal stuffs so obviously it would not be some time before my backpacks would have to give way for a new one. In case that I can take it for 3 of my excursion trips, I would reckon it as a return of my investment. 

I recognize myself a backpack hobbyist with sufficient exposure to the world of backpacks. I am not a backpack maker and I am not even close to being a backpack expert.I am simply a backpack fanatic who happens to be fashionably sensitive.At one glimpse, I will be able to let you know if a backpack is of sound calibre and worthy of your every buck or if a backpack is of sub standard caliber and not even deserving of a wink. My goal is to share with you all I know of backpacks and it would be the gist of this blog.
Tips on how to pack a backpack for hiking
From the beginning of time, the usage of backpack had always been prevalent and it is one that is used regardless of race and civilization. It is because backpack finds many uses in many facets of our life. If you have a love for touring and like to explore places by yourself, you know the value of getting an excellent backpack because it is where you would store and bring your entire belongings, starting from clothings to equipments to even invaluables. For university students, backpacks were used to carry most of the bulky textbooks in the past but have already been slowly evolving to accomodate the necessity to carry laptops as classroom teaching paradigm is migrating towards e-medium. If you're fashionistas, you may find backpacks as a very useful and yet can be highly trendy accessories.

One crucial thing to do if you intend to purchase a new backpack is to to define the specific reasons that the backpack will be used for. Your shopping - whether it is for the best backpacks for college or others - would have been a good deal easier if this is obvious to you since the start. Exactly why I am saying this is because backpack itself is a general term but there's a wide array of unique needs or niches and there are several reliable brands that dominate each specialty segment. For example if you are looking for the top-rated backpacks for college, you would not be looking at Teton but High Sierra instead. From here alone, you can see how you can save yourself time by zooming in from the start and focus only to the brands that appeal to your unique purposes.

Of course purchasing a backpack is often as easy as stepping into a Macys store, just grab the one that is most gorgeous looking and make your selection. Nothing is wrong with this method and it is actually one that a lot of people would take but when your goal is to find the a backpack that can endure for a long time, you would require several iterations to achieve your goal. It is therefore crucial that you read through backpack buying tips in order to increase your likelihood of selecting the best backpack for the particular need requirement that you have. You will find few fundamental discussions in every good backpack review, namely fabric durability, compartment designs, frame structure and the options for a given budget range.

One big segment of the backpack market will be the university students. Keep in mind that this industry segment often lumps both high school and college as one though. During my study years, I still remember clearly that I needed to bring those large textbooks and quite often, they were significantly more than what my backpack can cater to. How time passes and the massive wave of adoption of portable computing (with iPad and slimmer notebooks) is truly revolutionizing the classroom teaching methodology. Among the evolution is actually towards electronic books instead of physical books. On first thought, it appears that lighter backpack will be the natural consequence as it is no more necessary to carry these heavy textbooks to campus. Things did not come out as what many students might have expected. While electronic book carries no weight, notebook is virtually a necessity for every college student and 17-inch laptop, that is becoming common nowadays, may weigh up to 2kg. How everyone else hope that all notebooks would be as slim and as light just like the Macbook Air but its price remains beyond the reach of most college students.

Of the general backpack consumer market, one major market segment belongs to the adventure seekers. Adventure is just a generic term and it includes trips which range from light hiking, camp fire to professional mountaineering. Dacota will be the first name that comes to many people's minds when speaking about backpack. It's no doubt an excellent brand but it is more recognized as good college backpack brand as opposed to outdoor. In this context, Teton will be the brand that most adventure seekers will be going for. However it is very important to get your expectation right though since the best outdoor backpacks, say the best mountaineering backpack, might not be the one that is most beautiful looking.

In conclusion, I firmly believe that irrelevancy isn't something that's applicable when it comes to backpack. It is nevertheless, a thing that will continuously change in accordance with the life-style needs and fashion trends. If you ask what would the size of backpacks take the future, I'm sure nobody has got the guaranteed answer. It's a problem that there is no-one to quite predict the solution at this point of time as it will largely be determined by how big future computing devices. Given all the constant talk of foldable and bendable screen technology, it's quite likely the size of notebooks may shrink to one-half its current size or maybe smaller. You can guess what the implications this may bring to backpack sizes.